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Design Data for regulator cum Bridge


1. Name of stream

2. What arrangements exist for crossing the river at present

a) During monsoon

b) During dry season

3. Has earthquake ever occurred in the region of the bridge site? If so, what was its intensity

4 Catchment area in

5 Maximum recorded intensity of rainfall in catchment

6 Rainfall in centimeters per year in the region


7 Is the stream

a) Alluvial ( with erodable banks)

b) Quasi-alluvial (with more or less fixed bed but erodable banks)

c) Rigid (with inerodable banks and bed)

8 Is the stream

a) Perennial

b) Seasonal

c) If tidal, level of high tide

d) If tidal, level of low tide

9 Are the banks at the proposed site

a) firm and steep

b) firm but gently sloping

c) Erodable and indefinite

d) Does the stream confine itself within banks or overtop banks in floods

10 Nature of stream in the vicinity of the proposed site

a) Clean bed, straight banks or rifts or deep pools

b) Widing - some pools and shoals, but clean

c) As in (a) but with some weeds or stones

d) As in (c) but with weeds or stones

e) Stony section with ineffective stones and shoals

f) Sluggish river reaches, rather weedy or with deep pools

g) With very weedy reaches

h) The predominant material of the river bed

i) Average bed level

j) Bed slope

k) Bank level (left&right)

11a) Low water level

b) Surface velocity at L.W.L (m/sec)

12a) Ordinary flood water level

b) Surface velocity at O.F.L (m/sec)

c) Area of cross section at site of O.F.L (sq.m)

d) Discharge at O.F.L (m3/sec)


a) High flood level

b) Surface velocity at H.F.L (m/sec)

c) Area of cross section at H.F.L

I. At site

II. At u/s cross section

III. At d/s cross section

d) Discharge at H.F.L(m3/sec)

e) Maximum flood discharge calculation

14Full Reservoir level

15.R.L of maximum scour recorded below H.F.L

16 R.L of maximum anticipated scour below H.F.L

17. Location on the plan of the borings taken in the bed of the river at the proposed regulator site.All the boreholes should be taken at pier pointsin 12m intervals  up to hard strata(rock or hard rock)

18. Test results of the Sample bores ,giving therein the values obtained of the soil available at different depth in respect of the following






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