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Gravity Dam

Foundation and Site details

(a) Contour plan of dam site

(b) Contour map of reservoir area

(c) Bore hole details of the dam site.

(d) Safe bearing capacity of foundation rock.

(e) Co-effective of friction between dam material and foundation rock.

(f) Cohesion between dam material an d foundation rock.

Details about the proposed dam.

(a) Proposed top level of the dam

(b) Proposed foundation level of the dam (lowest)(Hard rock level along the length of the dam)

(c) Top width required for the dam & width of bridge over spillway

(d) Full reservoir level (FRL)

(e) Maximum water level (MWL)

(f) Maximum tail water level (during flood condition)

(g) Normal tail water level (during normal operating condition) (Stage discharge curve for the spillway channel)

(h) Silt level in the reservoir.

(i) Specific gravity (Unit weight)of concrete/masonry to be used for the construction of the dam.

(j) Compressive strength of the concrete/masonry to be used for the construction of dam.

Details required for flood Studies

(a) Inflow hydrograph of the reservoir.

(b) Spillway rating curve.

(c) Elevation – Storage curve of reservoir. Earthquake details Site specific design parameters and Accelerogram for the dam site.

Spillway details

(a) Design flood to be used for the design.

(b) Spillway capacity reduired.

(c) Probable maximum flood (PMF) determined by the unit hydrograph and the probable maximum precipitation.

(d) Proposed position of the spillway

(e) Maximum length of spillway which can be provided at the proposed location (including piers)

(f) Total Numbers and maximum size of gates and type which can be provided at the proposed spillway location.

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