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1.Bore hole details at each pier point (Safe bearing capacity of each stratum with N value. Bore hole details have to be furnished up to 3m in the hard stratum)

2 .Bearing capacity of each layer of strata and soil parameters (c, f, N) for each stratum. In the report on soil exploration, it may be recommended which type of foundation would be suitable for the site, founding level and capacity of pile.

3 .Type of loading for closed barrels

4 . Longitudinal section

5 .Site plan showing alignment of structure proposed

6 .Bend of aqueduct preferably less than 100

7 .Width of land acquired

8 .Approved Hydraulic particulars

a. Full Supply Depth (FSD)

b. Discharge of canal

c. Bed width

d. Freeboard

e. Velocity

f. RL of bed

g. Bed slope

h. Length of inlet and outlet transition

i. Length of aqueduct

j. Span of aqueduct

9 .Cross section details of inlet and outlet structures such as abutments, wing wall etc

10 .Level of water table

11. Maximum Flood Level (MFL)

12 .If the aqueduct is crossing any river, give details such as width of river, MFL, scour depth, distance of the centre line of the river from the pier point on both ends, river velocity, nature – perennial or not.

13.In case aqueduct is crossing a road, furnish details like type of road, width of road, level of road, head room etc

"By means of water we give life to everything"   "Water is its mater and matrix, mother and medium"